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October 14th, 2006


EVENT Postponed

date was unknown

  8th Roots Jam will be postponed until 2006

Hey Roots Fans! Here's a letter from Ronnie B. for you all...

I am writing this letter to let everyone know the 8th Roots Jam will be postponed until 2006. What started as a local jam eight years ago has turned into an amazing event and a meeting place for riders from all over the world.

Due to all of the changes in my life and business this year I have decided to take a year off and start working on 2006 plans early.

We have hosted Roots and put 110% into it because of my passion for BMX and the dedication to wanting to give back to the BMX community.

I do not want to do Roots if my mind and time cannot be devoted all the way. BMX is too important to me to even think I would not be able to give it my all!

We will really miss seeing all your faces this year and I hope that we will get to see many of you at other events and someplace on the road. So don't get too comfortable because the next Roots is right around the corner but for sure, I will see all of you next year.

Please keep in touch with us and we will post next year's date on
http://www.rootsjam.com in the coming months.

Ronnie B.