MARCH 1970     TO       JULY 2003

ONE "B" TWO "E's" ONE "B"


Article by: Cesar Calderon    
Title: "R.I.P. Beebe"

     Back around 89', I met a guy that helped me understand what being a "Hardcore Flatlander" was truly all about and what that meant. Our Scene and Hot Spot (Austin, TX. ) was home of some of the legends and top riders of the sport today. "Ruben Castillo, James Sheppard, Rob McCloud, Armondo Adams, Kevin Guiterrez etc...." Myself, being only 17 years old at the time, I was way too young to attend any of the contest and jam sessions alone. My best friend Billy Beebe would drive 2 1/2 hours out of his way, and then another 2 - 5 hours to the contest (AFA Comps at the time) just so I could ride with other Hardcore Flatlanders. He allowed me to travel all over TX. and be a part of something that has kept me healthy, confident, looked up to by others, out of trouble, and positive about anything I do on and off my bike. To this day I still Flatland, thanks to Billy. Unfortunately, Billy is no longer a part of our Flatland Family. He battled a long fight with brain cancer and passed away in July 2003. He is now healthy and at peace and Flatlanding on the most perfectly flat place, in the most perfect climate, pulling anything and everything as flawless as possible in Heaven.

     One of Bill's many accomplishments was being in a Flatland video in 1991 called Homeless III which was produced by James Shepherd and Dave Parrick. Another one of his goals and dreams, was to appear in a magazine. I hope to fulfill this goal by sending this letter and a photo of Billy to Ride.

     You were way ahead of your time Billy. Wish you were still here. Thanks for everything you've done for me. I know you'll be watching over me in every parking lot I Jam in.


South TX Flatland 4/Life


Your Bro

Cesar Calderon