Name: Charles Hawkins

Nickname: Charley, Chuck, Chuckie, Charles in Charge, or any other variation of Charles.

Hometown: Liverpool, TX

Lives: League City, TX

Current Riding Status: Did not ride Feb, July, August, or Sept. due to the Back Injury I have. I will be reviewing X-rays soon to determine if I have permanent damage. I am retired until further notice...Hopefully I will be back late 06 or in 07......

Years Riding: Age 7 to 15 = (BMX) age 15 to 25 = (vert for 2 year) (dirt jumping for 3 years) (street for 8 years) age 15 to 33 (flatland for 18 years)

Type of bike: Quamen Clad Generation 5

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 155

Birth date: July 6th 1973

Injures: Knocked out front tooth doing fakie to nose wheelie on vert, reconstructive shoulder surgery due to alley oop air to flat ground on vert, curvature of the spine and neck due to auto wreck.

Hobbies: Time with Wife Louise and Family, Fishing, Financial Advisor at Chase Bank, Physical Therapy for my Back

Favorite Trick: Whatever trick you think is most original and difficult of all my tricks.

Favorite Riding Spot: First available

Date Created: Jan. 1st 2004